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For commercial purposes, you must sign
provided by Casa Ruiz, S.A.

By paying for this Guided Visit,
you are agreeing to the folowing rules:

First come - First served
All areas are non-smoking areas
Activity will start at indicated time
Changes due to emergencies & cancellations of the activity
will result in a 50% value return when it has begun

Wherever you are….

Keep yourself at safe distance from all working equipment

Do not touch unless allowed
No trash being left anywhere
Put all trash in proper places.

Keep yourself with the group.
Wondering solos are not allowed.
Keep Visitors I.D. visible all the time

Food or drinks only in the Coffee Shop area
Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult
In Doubt, Please always ask.

During this guided visit, you are responsible of your own
wellbeing. The organization is not responsible of situations
created by not keeping the rules, lack of knowledge, and/or
actions carried out without checking first for permission.
Complete Guided Visit
Cost - B/.30.00 per person
Length - 3 hours
Begining time - 9:00 y 13:00 Monday to Saturday
Prefer groups no bigger than 11 people
For special arrangements, holydays and Sundays 15% extra.

Becoming acquanted with the whole coffee industry from growing,
green processing, roasting, packaging, and trading of high-end
quality coffee. Casa Ruiz, S.A. is the leading quality coffee company
in Boquete

This visit features:
  • Coffee farm to learn about a better-than-shade coffee growing
    strategy: the systemic approach
  • Coffee wet and dry processing facility (the biggest in the
    Boquete area) to understand the challenges of keeping quality
    as well as traceability
  • Coffee Roastery for discovering the nuances of  roasting and
    taste, cup profiling and traceability
  • A tasting experience as for getting a short introduction to coffee
    taste story and capacity development
  • A Display of Fine Coffees from Boquete at the Coffee Shop
    recognizing the taste and varietal capacity of this amazing

Dress comfortable. Use long sleves, long pants and a cap when
possible. If you are susceptible to mosquito bites, use repellent. If we
need to be aware of any health caution, please let us know in
advance. Be ready to do some walking.

Previous reservation is required by signing in at the Coffee Shop or
by calling at 720-1000 (7-16 M-F) or 6672-3786.

In the town transportation is provided.

Special arrangements are available for: students & researchers,
corporate training or visits, & families activities.
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